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When it comes to form and function, Rampart Welded Wire has you secured. Cutting through welded mesh is time-consuming and difficult, but Rampart Welded Wire can add beauty and elegance to every property it protects.

  • RAMPART 286 panels are aesthetically attractive and a cost-efficient alternative to traditional ornamental fencing. The special 3D technique ensures that, in spite of its limited weight, this profiled panel is still astoundingly stable.
  • RAMPART 284 panels are a great entry-level, double-wire fence system and the perfect solution to address the drawbacks associated with chain-link fences. The strong and rigid panel offers a stable and cost-effective solution for absolute security.
  • RAMPART 280 panels combine beauty with our strongest double-wire panel. The welding of the wire interfaces is intended for intense security use and made to resist the onslaught of even the most motivated trespassers.
  • RAMPART 358 panels provide an extraordinary high-security solution. The small mesh openings make it nearly impossible to scale and very difficult to cut.
  • RAMPART 354 panels provide the highest level of security. The small mesh size combined with additional horizontal double wires ensures a strong and rigid panel.