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Residential and Commercial Gates and Gate Openers
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When selecting a gate and automatic gate opener for your home, there are several factors to consider.

  • Gate size
    • Length
    • Height
    • Weight
  • Gate material
    • Steel
    • Wood
    • Vinyl
    • Aluminum
    • Chain link
  • Opener type
    • Swing
    • Slide
    • Vertical
    • Overhead
  • Frequency of use
    • How many times will the gate open and close in a day?
  • How will people enter and leave?
    • Fobs/remotes
    • Keypad
    • Free exit
    • Free entry
    • Card reader
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi
    • Cellular
  • Safety devices required by UL325 & ASTM F2200
  • Voltage and phasing

When your family’s or facility’s safety and security are at stake, it is important to know that the company and its employees you select have been C.A.G.O.I & C.A.G.S.D. certified. These certifications are not a guarantee of good work or work ethic, but it is important that they know and understand the safety regulations.

Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever sliding gates provide a secure solution for a variety of applications. Cantilever sliding gates do not rely on any surface mounted rail or track; therefore, the ease of operation and maintenance is dramatically improved. No ground track also means that the gate can accommodate heavy traffic in continuous duty applications.

Modular construction allows for quick, economical delivery and cost-effective future serviceability.

The rack and pinion drive is quiet and provides a secure entrance while maximizing the life of the gate. Sealed bearings in the rollers and nylon polyamide rack and pinion gears eliminate the maintenance requirements associated with conventional chain drive operators. Straightforward sizing allows for quick shipping.

Alpha Cantilever Sliding Gate

The Alpha gate combines optimum quality and security. Strong and clever, this smoothly running gate is available with a variety of infill options, including chain-link and welded wire.

Delta Cantilever Sliding Gate

The contemporary design of the Delta gate is sturdy and safe with no diagonal braces that intruders could use to climb over. The vertical bar infill is available in a variety of colors, complementing the appeal of your property.